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A bit rusty in C#

I need to pass in a callback to a method:

void InvokeScript(string jsScript, Action<object> resultCallback);

In my class I have created a method to pass in to the method:

        public void callback(System.Action<object> resultCallback)


Error message 1:

Resco.UI.IJavascriptBridge.InvokeScript(string, System.Action<object>)' has some invalid arguments

Error message 2:

cannot convert from 'method group' to 'System.Action<object>'

Thanks in advance

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Your callback should be:

public void callback(object value)
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You need to make the parameter your passing an object.

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Either you create a method matching the signature of the Action<object> delegate, such as

public void someMethod(object parameter) { }

and then pass it,
or you can use a lambda:

    param => { 
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Action<object> myCallBack = delegate
// do something here

    InvokeScript("some string", myCallBack);

The method delegate needs to take an object and not return any value. That's what Action<object> means. You can use the built-in Action delegate as I've shown, or you can create a new method and pass it as delegate:

public void MyMethod(object myParameter)
    // do something here.

InvokeScript("some string", MyMethod);
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The signature of the callback should be the following:

void MethodName(object parameter);

You also may use lambda expression even without creating a separate method:

    "some string",
    p =>
        // the callback's logic
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