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I don't know how to rewrite URLs of this type:


that's really simple to do BUT my problem is that my parameters are variables like:




so, the number of parameters is not always the same. It can sometimes be just one, sometimes it can be 10 or more. It redirects to a search script which will grab the parameters through GET querystring.

What I want to do is to not write (on htaccess) a line for every link. The links are pretty simple in that form separated by a -(hyphen) sign.

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If I understand you correctly, you want to rewrite, say, mywebsite/param1-val1-param3-val3-param4-val4.html to mywebsite/query.html?param1=val1&param3=val3&param4=val4? –  Tom Feb 13 '13 at 14:15

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Rather than rely on complex rewrite rules, I would suggest a simple rewrite rule and then modifying the code of your web application to do the hard part. Supporting this kind of variable parameters is not something that a rewrite rule is going to be very good at on its own.

I would use the following rewrite rule that intercepts any url that contains a hyphen separator and ends in .html

RewriteRule ^(.+[\-].+)\.html$ /query.html?params=$1

Then in your web application can get the parameters from the CGI parameter called params . They look like this now param1-val1-param3-val3-param4-val4. Your code should then split on the hyphens, and then put the parameters into a map. Most web frameworks support some way of adding to or overriding the request parameters. If so, you can do this without doing invasive modifications to the rest of your code.

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i thought about that... and I've already done something like that... thank you! –  user2064092 Feb 15 '13 at 8:26

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