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I have the following python code in python 2.7.3 , i had recently using a new laptop which has python 3.3 , I don't think I should downgrade back to python 2.7.3 . The code is


nm = input(“enter file name “)

str = raw_input(“enter ur text here: \n”)

f = open(nm,”w”)



print “1.See the file\n”

print “2.Exit\n”

s = input(“enter ur choice “)

if s == 1 :

   fi  = open(nm,”r”)

   cont  = fi.readlines()

for i in cont:

    print i

else :

    print “thank you “ 

Please tell me what are the changes i should make so that it runs easily without any error .

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There are a lot of small differences. Read the book! python3porting.com – Lennart Regebro Apr 13 '13 at 8:13
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  • raw_input() does not exist in Python 3, use input() instead:

    str = input("enter ur text here: \n")
  • input() does not evaluate the value it parses in Python 3, use eval(input()) instead:

    s = eval(input("enter ur choice "))
  • print() is a function in Python 3 (it was a statement in Python 2), so you have to call it:

    print("1.See the file\n")
    print("thank you ")
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print " "



Hope this helped, but more information on converting can be found at http://python3porting.com/ :)

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For your code to work properly in Python 3, always use input() instead of raw_input() since the latter function does not exist anymore. Also, the print statement has been replaced by a print() function.

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