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I want to write some unit test for some Commands in My ViewModel Class. I want to test the execution of an ICommand.

My ICommand.Execute() method executes an async method.

how can I write a test case for this command ?

Note: I'm using The Windows Phone Unit Test framework delivered in CTP2 of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/2013/01/31/windows-phone-unit-tests-in-visual-studio-2012-update-2.aspx

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Even though this isn't for the Unit Test framework delivered in VS2012 CTP2, here's how to support async test methods in the more widely used Silverlight Unit Testing framework @ sharpgis.net/post/2012/12/21/… –  JustinAngel Feb 14 '13 at 1:06

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It's much easier to test async Task methods; that is, have your async void Execute implementation just await an async Task method, which is the one that's actually unit tested.

The built-in MSTest unit test framework does not support testing async void methods, since it's a bit involved and would raise backwards-compatibility issues. Currently, NUnit is the only unit testing framework that supports async void methods.

If you really want to test an async void method and don't want to use NUnit, you can use Stephen Toub's AsyncPump or my AsyncContext (available on NuGet) to create your own context for each unit test. In this case, your test will look something like:

public void TestMyAsyncVoidMethod()
  ICommand myCommand = ...;

  AsyncContext.Run(() =>

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I'd assume you'd tag the method with the [Asynchronous] attribute and then just call await ICommand.Execute()

Check this post for a sample of asynchronous Windows Phone method testing.

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I tried to add [Asynchronous], but it's namespace cannot be resolved, what Assemblies do I have to reference ? –  Mina Samy Feb 13 '13 at 11:46

You should change your test method signature to

[TestMethod] public async Task TestMyAsyncVoidMethod() {....

So that you can await you command execute method.

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