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This is excel question, I have two columns both with email addresses. Column A have list of email addresses where emails were sent, and column B have list of emails where user opened emails (openers). Now I want list of emails that DIDN'T open emails. So Total sent (column A) - Total openers (column B).

Problem is, these email are in no perticular order so for example, xxx@xxx.com can be at Column A Row 6 and same email address in column B could be at row 800. I got told VLookup will work but never used it so have no clue. All examples on sOverflow are different.

Any help will be really appreciated.


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I would suggest you use this formula next to all items in column A (say in column C):


This will return TRUE for each mail that was received and FALSE for each that was not.

Now you can either AutoFilter column C to show you only FALSE and then copy column A - or create a pivot table and add column A as a Row field and column C as a filter, again filtered for FALSE...

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brilliantly simple) my +1 –  Peter L. Feb 12 '13 at 12:08

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