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The following is outputting an empty unordered list. Why? Many thanks, Steven.

module BrowserHelper

  def project_browser_helper
    if @project || @controller.controller_name == "projects"
      content_tag(:div, content_tag(:ul, build_browser), :class => "browser")

  def build_browser
    @browser = []
    # a whole bunch of if/elsif/else statements
    # that call methods that add elements to @browser
    # including the following method
    # which is definitely called in this case
    @browser.map { |list_item| content_tag(:li, list_item['body'], :id => list_item['id'], :class => list_item['class']) }

  def show_an_all_projects_list_item
    list_item = Hash.new
    list_item['body'] = ["All projects (", Project.find(:all).size.to_s, ")"].join
    list_item['class'] = "all_projects"
    list_item['id'] = "XXX"
    @browser << list_item


I don't think it's a scope issue, as I get the same problem when I use $browser instead of @browser.

However, I am sure it relates to the value of @browser not persisting between methods, as when I copy the content of def show_an_all_projects_list_item into def build_browser just above the @browser.map statement, it works fine -- I get the expected <li> in my <ul>.

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"which is definitely called in this case"--no, it is not called. Otherwise everything would be ok. And please accept some answers to your questions (revise the list in your profile and click the check-marks near the answers that are the most correct). –  Pavel Shved Sep 27 '09 at 9:32
Hmmm... yes, you are correct. In all my testing to eliminate possibilities, I forget to test whether a problem in all the if/elsif/elses would stop this statement from appearing. Thanks. –  steven_noble Sep 27 '09 at 10:14
how are you reading the result? Are you using the return value of build_browser or are you just evaluating @browser after calling build_browser? I just notice that the last line of build_browser does a Array#map on @browser - meaning that the return value of build browser will have the map applied but @browser remains unchanged... –  daf Nov 5 '09 at 3:04

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