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I have a word document as a template and I want to replace a placeholder; #Address with a number of lines of text. It works except that the Environment.NewLine gets ignored. So how do I put in a line break for each new line? I should point out that in the code, addressLines is a string made up of each line in the collection seperated by a comma and the standard new line constant.

public static void PrintAddress(string companyName, List<string> lines, string outputFolder)
    // TODO put in linebreak for each line of the address
    lines.Insert(0, companyName);
    var lineEnd = "," + Environment.NewLine;
    var addressLines = string.Join(lineEnd, lines.ToArray());
    var application = new Application();
    var path = Path.Combine(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(AppSettings.UploadFolder), SessionObjectsSCD.UploadedFile.FileName);
    var document = application.Documents.Open(path);
    WordDocumentClass.FindAndReplace(document, "#ADDRESS", addressLines);
    object filename = string.Format("{0}/{1}.docx", outputFolder, companyName);
    document.SaveAs(ref filename);

    // TODO print document


public static void FindAndReplace(Document document, string placeHolder, string newText)
    object missingObject = null;
    object item = WdGoToItem.wdGoToPage;
    object whichItem = WdGoToDirection.wdGoToFirst;
    object replaceAll = WdReplace.wdReplaceAll;
    object forward = true;
    object matchAllWord = true;
    object matchCase = false;
    object originalText = placeHolder;
    object replaceText = newText;

    document.GoTo(ref item, ref whichItem, ref missingObject, ref missingObject);
    foreach (Range rng in document.StoryRanges)
            ref originalText,
            ref matchCase,
            ref matchAllWord,
            ref missingObject,
            ref missingObject,
            ref missingObject,
            ref forward,
            ref missingObject,
            ref missingObject,
            ref replaceText,
            ref replaceAll,
            ref missingObject,
            ref missingObject,
            ref missingObject,
            ref missingObject);
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I found that this is the answer; var lineEnd = ",\x0B";

Next time I will try Open XML Toolkit as mentioned in the other answer.

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I would recommend against Office Interop. A better way is to use the Open XML Toolkit and then approach it like MailMerge. There are multiple articles out there, but this one is a start:


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