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I'm working on an application that has the following associations:

class Chart < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :chart_group
  has_many :charts, :through => :chart_groups

class ChartGroup < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :charts
  belongs_to :report

class Chart < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :chart_group

One part of the application requires that we display the top 20 reports, and for each report we display the first chart (as kind of a snapshot). They way i've been doing this is, in the controller just selecting the reports;

@reports = Report.limit(20)

and then in the views just doing;

@reports.each do |report|
   <%= report.charts.first.title %>

Which seems fine and runs fast, but falls foul of the "N + 1 queries problem" - i would be getting one database round trip per report, so 21 hits. So I have a couple of questions

1) How can I change my original query to get the first chart? I tried using ".joins" but the problem with that is that there can be LOADS of charts associated with any one report, and there can be hundreds of reports. I can't work out how to include the "only the first chart" part into the statement.

2) Actually doing it the way I am, I have noticed that the logs are all saying "CACHE LOAD" - is rails doing some magic here for me? Am I worrying about nothing?

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Rail's Eager Loading should help here.

The following should load all charts associated with requested reports:

@reports = Report.limit(20).includes(:charts)

AR will load all requested report limit(20) and find all charts associated with these reports and also load these into memory.

To load only the first chart into memory for each report requires additional work:

  • add an additional column to reports.first_chart_id
  • define an additional association from Report to Chart in relation to first_chart_id

Report should be modified as follows:

class Report < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :first_chart, :foreign_key => 'first_chart_id', :class_name => 'Chart'


@reports = Report.limit(20).includes(:first_chart)

The only caveat with the above is that first_chart_id will have to be set during Report instance create/update.

Another solution is to perform two DB queries:

Fetch all reports then iterate through fetched reports, extract @report.id then query charts to return the first chart only (no idea how the first chart is defined)

@reports = Report.limit(20)
@report_ids = @reports.collect{|r| r.id}
@first_charts = Chart.find_by_report_ids(@report_ids)

class Chart
  def self.find_by_report_ids(report_ids)
    {}.tap do |result|
      #not sure what your scheme is like for Report and Chart... so guessing  
      where(:id => report_ids).group(:report_id).each do |chart|
        result[chart.report_id] = chart

find_by_report_ids returns a hash of charts indexed by report.id, which gives you quick access to a report's first chart in your view

@reports.each do |report|
   <%= @first_charts[report.id].title %>

Unfortunately sometimes you have to write additional code for many-to-many type relationships but these can be mostly solved by using two DB trips, which is still much better than O(N) queries.


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Hi, This is what I was talking about - if I do that it's going to try to load every chart associated with the report into memory, but I only need the first one. When I try doing it this way the code becomes really inefficient and I get a massive performance hit. –  Mikey Hogarth Feb 12 '13 at 16:04
updated answer. –  Nazar Feb 12 '13 at 16:27

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