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I have two web servers, Windows machines running Apache.

One is a backup of the other, so if one fails the other can be used instead.

Does anyone know if it's possible to configure Apache so it displays a small banner/message on each page it serves to say that the user is running on the backup server?

I did find a 3rd party module (mod-substitute-append that may have done what I wanted, but there appears to be no documentation for it, and when downloaded looks like it was written to be installed on a Linux machine.

Does anyone have any ideas I can try?

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Apache 2.2 ships with mod_substitute:

Apache 2.4 ships with mod_sed:

From the documentation, mod_sed does similar things to mod_substitute_append (which I have used, on Linux). It might be worth grabbing an Apache 2.4 Windows binary and seeing how you get on.

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That's great, mod_substitute in 2.2 did the trick. Thank you. – 4D. Feb 15 '13 at 11:57

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