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I'm using Mysql and I'm having a difficult time trying to get the results from a SELECT query. I am having 3 tables. First table sections, second table section members and third table section member status(data in this table is static).


Section Table


Section Members Table


Member Status Table

I used joins to get results as

  select distinct(a.section_id) as id,
   from Sections a 
   left join SectionMembers b on a.section_id = b.section_id
   inner join MemberStatus c on b.status_code = c.status_code
   where (a.section_ownerid = 100 and b.memberid = 200)
         or (a.section_ownerid = 100); 

But i am not getting correct result, i want results as shown below

My Requirement

thanks in advance

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It seems like the following query is what you need. Notice that the filter for memberid = 200 has been moved to the join condition:

select s.section_id,
from Sections s
left join SectionMembers sm
  on s.section_id = sm.section_id
  and sm.memberid = 200
left join MemberStatus m
  on sm.status_code = m.status_code
where s.section_ownerid = 100;

Note: while your desired result shows that section_id=2 has a status of ActiveMember there is no way in your sample data to make this value link to section 2.

This query gives the result:

|          1 | title1 |       desc1 |  PendingMember |
|          2 | title2 |       desc2 | MemberRejected |
|          3 | title3 |       desc3 | MemberRejected |
|          4 | title4 |       desc4 |   ActiveMember |
|          5 | title5 |       desc5 |         (null) |
|          6 | title6 |       desc6 |         (null) |
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This worked perfectly well. Thanks bluefeet. –  Bhargav Feb 12 '13 at 11:37
@BhargavBonu you are welcome! :) –  bluefeet Feb 12 '13 at 11:40

Here you go:

SELECT s.section_id, s.title, s.description, ms.status 
FROM Sections as s
LEFT JOIN SectionMembers as sm ON s.section_id = sm.section_id
LEFT JOIN MemberStatus as ms ON ms.status_code = sm.status_code
WHERE (s.section_ownerid = 100 and sm.memberid = 200)
   OR (s.section_ownerid = 100)
GROUP BY section_id

Note: Updated my answer

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