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I am wanting to create an image from a selection of coordinates i have. So I want each coordinate to be set a particular size and colour say black and 2X2, and then place it at the particular pixel it represents. How will i go about this? Will the function putpixel, work for what I want to do?

Thanks in advance

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Doing this with putpixel will be inconvenient but not impossible. Since you say you want to make dots of more than a single pixel, it would be better to use ImageDraw.rectangle() or ellipse() instead.

For example:

import Image
import ImageDraw

img = Image.new("RGB", (400,400), "white")
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(img)

coords = [(100,70), (220, 310), (200,200)]
dotSize = 2

for (x,y) in coords:
    draw.rectangle([x,y,x+dotSize-1,y+dotSize-1], fill="black")

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Thanks, great help! –  John Smith Feb 12 '13 at 11:33
hmm, sounds like a python challenge?! –  rix Oct 4 at 18:12

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