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I need to consume a WCF service based on a (preferably single) wsdl file.

The environment is VS-2008 (sp1), and I will be using a customized "Add Service Reference" macro to generate an error handling proxy. I want to be able to do this, by supplying a WSDL file that I get from the service provider (I do not want to supply a host URL).

How can this be done?

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Sure - you can copy the path+filename for the WSDL and paste that into the "Add Service Reference" dialog box in Visual Studio (or just type int the full path + WSDL file name).

enter image description here

Alternatively, you can use the svcutil.exe command line utility to convert the WSDL file to your client proxy class.

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I tried adding a service reference from a local wsdl, one that has multiple contracts, and all I got was a blank reference.cs file (it had the code-gen remarks, but that's it). Any idea why? Thanks, Assaf. – Assaf Stone Oct 1 '09 at 13:09
that would indicate an invalid WSDL, probably - or it can't handle the multiple services inside the same WSDL - not 100% sure – marc_s Oct 1 '09 at 13:18

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