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I'm creating a game - a zombie shooter - with Python and my friend thinks I should make the graphics work the same way as in GTA 2. So to isolate an example of what he ment: the further away from a house the more of the wall you see, creating a 3d effect.

How is it made? im1.png im2.png

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Answer: They are made with a 3D engine. –  dan1111 Feb 12 '13 at 11:46

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Shift tops of house inward slightly.


House is based on square of 40m x 40m. Make upper square of 38m x 38m.

Thx to angle that it will create, you will see more of walls further from house you are.

PS If you want some nice game engine for Python look at Panda3D.

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GTA 2 combines a top-down 3D engine with 2D elements.

People and vehicles are actually 2D sprites.

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