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The following image is in spanish but that does not matter.

The menu shows the list of workitems on the TFS and opens when I click on "create new work item". What I don't know is what mean the different icons and why the first two workitemtypes have a different one.

I created all the workitems you can see there but I wasn't aware of doing anything different on them that could set a different icon nor a different place on the menu.

enter image description here

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These icons represent what category those specific work item types are in. For instance, the clipboard with the check corresponds to a work item type that is in the task category and the one below it with the chat box and an exclamation point represents a work item type that is in the requirements category. These categories are defined in the process template when creating a team project, and they can also be exported/edited/imported to any current project. Hope this helps :)

Here is the MSDN link on customizing categories:

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Amazing, I will check it tomorrow. – Ignacio Soler Garcia Feb 12 '13 at 20:46

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