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The Code Signing Identity in Xcode uses my iPhone Developer certificate.

Code Signing Identity in Xcode Alas, I still must click Allow each time I try to test the .app in iOS Simulator. "It's just a click", but it gets old after a while.

Firewall warning

Can this warning be suppressed? If so, how?

I've already tried (1) manually removing & adding the .app in Mountain Lion's Firewall Options, (2) manually signing the .app from Terminal with codesign, (3) few other things I don't remember.

Regarding the (2): signing the .app manually was "successful" ...

| 492 > codesign -vvv MyApp.app 
MyApp.app: valid on disk 
MyApp.app: satisfies its Designated Requirement

... but I guess it doesn't work because each xcodebuild replaces the old executable within the .app?

Vaguely related question: Firewall impeding Bonjour network debugging

Also related, later question: How do I get the Mac OS X Firewall to permanently allow my iOS app?

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A solution using an automated mouse click:

  1. Download CLIclick. (Thank you Carsten.)
  2. Put it in a suitable location, say /usr/local/bin.
  3. Get the Allow button's screen coordinates using 4. (In my example, these are x: 750, y: 600.)
  4. Create a script with this content (the w: is the wait time in ms):

    /usr/local/bin/cliclick c:750,600 w:1500 m:+0,+0 c:.

    (I couldn't get CLIclick to work without "moving" it to the same location (the m:+0,+0 part) and clicking again at the same spot (c:.).)

  5. Open Xcode's Preferences / Behaviors and add the above script. enter image description here
  6. Enjoy!

Of course, the solution of disabling the warning in the first place is still welcome.

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