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How to make two separated fields so can be handled to one datetime field in database?

I'm using jquery datetime picker that puts values like value in code example below.

Parameters includes only field with time but ignores field with date.

If I comment field with time then date is sent and saved but parameter looks like "2013-23-02" and it isn't forwarded like multi parameter.

field :start_at, type: DateTime

= f.text_field :start_at, :value => "2013-02-23"
= f.text_field :start_at, :value => "20:20:20"
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you can use virtual attributes and callback (this is not tested but you should get the idea)

# model
attr_writer :start_at_time, :start_at_date

before_validation :build_start_at

def start_at_date
  @start_at_date ||= start_at.to_date

def start_at_time
  @start_at_time ||= start_at.strftime("%H:%M")

def build_start_at
  self.start_at = Time.parse "#{start_at_date} #{start_at_time}"

# view
= f.text_field :start_at_date
= f.text_field :start_at_time
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I thought that it can be get a more standard way. I think I'll make a hidden field like one with date and time on the client side. –  roza Feb 12 '13 at 13:07

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