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I am using quickdialog to consume dynamic forms. A webservice builds up a form with the quickdialog JSON. For a QDateTimeInlineElement he provides me this JSON.

    {"type":"QDateTimeInlineElement","title":"datum","placeholder":"vul in","bind":"textValue:datum","key":"datum","mode":"Date"},
   {"type":"QDateTimeInlineElement","title":"tijd","placeholder":"vul in","bind":"textValue:tijd","key":"tijd","mode":"Time"},
  {"type":"QDateTimeInlineElement","title":"datumtijd","placeholder":"vul in","bind":"textValue:datumtijd","key":"datumtijd","mode":"DateAndTime"},

In my code I put all the values in a dictionary using the following piece of code.

 NSMutableDictionary *script = [NSMutableDictionary new];
 [self.root fetchValueUsingBindingsIntoObject:script];

But when I look at an output of this dictionary I notice the following LOG

Date = "00:00:-34";
DateTime = "00:00:-34"; 
TIME = "00:00:-34";

Can anybody help me with this? Kind regards !

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