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So the scenario is I want to connect to a server by using WSDL, and the access point start with "https" which blocked me out.

And now I got stucked on the last step, which is to retrieve and save secTrustRef to keychain

Some pre setup

I have used the sudze service to generate WSDL wrapper and it works fine under http.

And I follow this tutorial until I figure out that the keychainmanager class is not part of the class.

So I need to do some reverse engineering to implement the method to save the server trust object into keychain, which should implement the similar functionality to replace

[[KeyChainManager sharedManager] isSavedTrust:confirmNeed.protectionSpace.serverTrust]


[[KeyChainManager sharedManager] saveCertificatesFromTrust:confirmNeed.protectionSpace.serverTrust];

It seems I am quite close to what I want to achieve by using this sample code, but I am quite new to the security framework...

Anyone familiar with security frame work could help me out?

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