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I'm running Mac OS X 10.6 w/ bitnami mampstack 5.4.11 (PHP 5.4.11) and NetBeans 7.2.1. Since I've switched from XAMPP (for Mac) w/ PHP 5.3.x to 5.4+ NB can't use PHPUnit or any other bash script. PHPUnit is up and running and works like a charm via Terminal. But in NB I get this:

/Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/php/bin/phpunit: line 2: ?php: No such file or directory

Looks like php didn't interprete the actual php code ... I've no idea why this happens and how to fix this.

Some setup details:

  • My mampstack is located at /Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/
  • php interpreter is set to /Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/php/bin/php within NB config
  • include paths are set and working in php as well as in NB
  • path to php binary within PHPUnit bash script is correct (/Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/php/bin/php)
  • none of the scripts that go like #!/path/to/php/executable \n work within NB anymore

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Also postet this question on the NetBeans Forums.

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Fixed it by creating a and within [...]/php/bin with

/Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/php/bin/php /Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/php/bin/phpunit "$@"


/Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/php/bin/php /Applications/mampstack-5.4.11/php/bin/phpunit-skelgen "$@"

and ponting to it within NetBeans config.

Thanks to victor ♦♦ from bitnami answers.

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