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I have been set with the task of creating a Microsoft Access database to store customer feedback and to generate a printable report when negative feedback is logged.

On my Feedback form where users can log feedback details, I am trying to develop code to concatenate fields taken from the Feedback table (which the form's record source is set to). What I am aiming to do is develop a unique number which is made up of the following fields from the Feedback table:

  • Company name (this is actually a lookup field in the Feedback table which looks up Company Name in the Company table so is therefore a combo-box on the form - appears as a drop down menu on the form)
  • Product name
  • 2 digits of the week number
  • 2 digits of the month
  • 2 digits of the year (These three date items are extracted from a field called Feedback date in the Feedback table).
  • A sequential number starting from 1 which increments so that if another piece of feedback is logged on the same product by the same company this number then changes to 2 and so on.

Basically, the example I'm wanting to replicate is to look like this: Company Name_Product Name_0712131

The output of these concatenated fields is meant to be stored in another field in the Feedback table called CF#.

What kind of code should I be writing so that the information I want concatenated gets saved to the database?

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Do they fill out the form, then submit it, then the CF# number is generated? –  Kassabba Feb 12 '13 at 18:22

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There are many different ways to add a record (CurrentDB.Execute({SQL code}), ADO commands, DAO commands, DoCmd.OpenQuery), but I suspect you want to know how to create the expression that you are going to add:

Dim strCustomerRef As String

'Add the Company Name (assumes the name is in the second column)
strCustomerRef = Me.cboYourComboBox.Column(1)

'Add the Product Name (assumes you have a text box bound to the product)
strCustomerRef = strCustomerRef & "_" & Me.txtTheProductNameTextBox

'Add the date info (assumes you have a text box bound to the date)
strCustomerRef = strCustomerRef & "_" & Format(Me.txtFeedbackDate, "wwmmyy")

'Add the sequence number
strCustomerRef = strCustomerRef & "_" & DCount("CustomerRef", "CF#", "[CustomerRef] Like '" & strCustomerRef & "*'") + 1

'Code to append record here
CurrentDB.Execute "INSERT INTO [CF#] ([CustomerRef], [MoreData]) VALUES ('" & strCustomerRef & "', '" & Me.txtMoreData & "')
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