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I'm looking for a Java open source project for an academic study on test cases. I need a project with 20-40 KLOC and at least a 100 JUnit tests. A project that was developed using TDD methodology is prefered. Something that I can drop in eclipse and run all the tests with minimal overhead for setups.

Any recommendations?

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It's amusing that you say "drop in eclipse", as some parts of eclipse were written with TDD and have relatively large numbers of LOC. You may want to go that route. I know, for example, that the Eclipse-based FORTRAN IDE project is one such endeavor.

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+1 - I didn't even consider any of the Eclipse projects. That is absolutely brilliant. –  James Black Sep 27 '09 at 11:27

The Spring framework? May be too large perhaps.

There are any number of projects you can use. You could look at the BouncyCastle encryption library.

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+1 - Spring would be a very good example. –  duffymo Sep 27 '09 at 13:49

To help with your search, you could have a look at Koders (, the source code search engine. They have information about LOC for open source projects.

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