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How can I use line breaks in translation strings inside .po files? Currently I added "\n" and used {{msg|linebreaks}} in my template, but the string is printed in one single line... how can I print it on multiple lines?

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{% blocktrans %} Translate this string {% plural %} And this plural string {% endblocktrans %} – catherine Feb 12 '13 at 13:52

I assume you want HTML output. In such case, it would be better to include HTML tags in the string:

{% blocktrans %}
First line<br/>
Second line
{% endblocktrans %}

If you are looking for something else, please describe better what you are actually trying to achieve.


If the lines are independent, it might be even better to actually split them up:

{% trans "First line" %}
{% trans "Second line" %}
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Yes, I want html output... but honestly I don't like to embed html tags in localized strings :P – daveoncode Feb 12 '13 at 14:12

bit late, but maybe helps someone, add your translation like this:

po file

msgid "_your_msgid"
msgstr "first line\nsecond line"


{% trans '_your_msgid' as local_var %}
{{ local_var|linebreaksbr }}
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You can use &#10; character both in django template file and your .po files

Like this .po:

msgid "Psycological&#10;aid"
msgstr "Психологическая&#10;помощь"

django template:

{% trans 'Psycological&#10;aid' %}

Containing block should have white-space: pre-line; css rule

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