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Is there a way to both echo the output of a command to the terminal and redirect to a file using a single file rather than using 2 separate commands in csh (for historical reasons i must use csh for this purpose). Currently I do this

echo "Hello World!"
echo "Hello World!" > textfile

echo "next line blah blah"
echo "next line blah blah" >> textfile
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This is exactly what tee is for:

echo "Hello World!" | tee textfile

For multiple outputs, you can use

  echo "Hello World!"
  echo "next line blah blah"
) | tee textfile

or use the append option with tee.

echo "Hello World!" | tee textfile
echo "next line blah blah" | tee -a textfile
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Excellent solution thanks. The -a flag also lets me append to an existing file –  moadeep Feb 12 '13 at 13:55

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