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I need to check if file exists in ccperl.

I tried to use 'if exists' but it didn't work.

I know sometimes we use " ' " in the beginning and the end of the command, but is there another way?


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What you probably want is -f 'myfile', which returns true if the name corresponds to a file.

There is a number of these tests, and you can use -e to check that the name exists, but it could be either a file or a directory (or perhaps a link or a pipe on Unix).

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Regarding ccperl (or ratpl), check the version of the perl used (for old ClearCase versions, it is still a 5.8.6).
That can have an influence on using certain files tested with -f, as this thread illustrates from a file with a trailing space.

You can see an example of ClearCase ccperl script here:

if ( $n_file != 0 ) {
  while ( $file_name = shift(@file_list) )
    if ( ! -f $vob_path.$dir_part.'/'.$file_name ) {
      print "not found $vob_path".$dir_part.'/'."$file_name \n";
    } else {
      $size1 = &file_size($file_name);
      $size2 = &file_size($vob_path.$dir_part.'/'.$file_name);
      if ( $size1 != $size2 ) {
        print "Err file $dir_part $file_name $size1 $size2\n";

(it would test also for directories, a few line below, with the -d option)

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