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I have two successive for loops and i need to pass one of the variables' value to an instance inside the other for loop.

for(int x=0; x< sentence.length(); x++)  {

  int i;
  if (!Character.isWhitespace(sentence.charAt(x)))
      i = x ;

for (int  i  ; i < sentence.length(); i++) {
  if (Character.isWhitespace(sentence.charAt(i)))
     if (!Character.isWhitespace(sentence.charAt(i + 1)))

This is just a part of my program and my purpose is assigning the value of x (from the fírst for loop) to i variable (from the second for loop) so that i wont start from 0 but from the value of x(before breaking the first for loop)...

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i is local to your first loop, there is no way to make it locally accessible inside second for loop. Why don't you try with a global variable (outside first for loop), and update the variable's value before breaking out of the first for loop. You can then access the same value inside second for loop. – code82 Feb 12 '13 at 14:12
Why don't you use an array instead of an int in which you can add all the values from first loop and use that array variable in second loop ! – dShringi Feb 12 '13 at 14:16
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int x;
for(x = 0; x < sentence.length; x++)

for(int i = x; i < //And so on and so fourth
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Thank you so much :) it works now!!! – user2052015 Feb 12 '13 at 14:38

It looks like Java, is it?

You have to declare "i" variable out of the loop block. By the way, as a good practice if "i" is not a loop counter giving this variable a meaningful name (and x is not relevant for a loop counter).

Also you probably have a bug since the break is out of the conditionnal expression block (first loop).

int currentCharPosition = 0; //give a maningful name to your variable (keep i for loop counter)

for(int i=0; i< sentence.length(); i++) {

            if (!Character.isWhitespace(sentence.charAt(x))){  
                currentCharPosition  = x ;
                break;  //put the break in the if block


while( currentCharPosition < sentence.length()) {
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You need to know about the Java block scope:

declare your variable outside of the for loop like this

// Declare what you want to access outside here.
for(int x = 0; x< sentence.length(); x++)  {
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int sentenceLength = sentence.length();
int[] firstLoopData = new int[sentenceLength -1];
for(int x=0, index=0; x < sentenceLength; x++)  {
    if (!Character.isWhitespace(sentence.charAt(x))){
        firstLoopData[index] = x;

for(int tempInt: firstLoopData){
    //your code...
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