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Just got myself a new Windows 8 tablet, which operates a 32 bit Win 8 (It was advertised as 64 bit on amazon, but that's another subject I guess). My question is, can I upgrade the existing system to 64 bit, without having to set up win 8 again? I haven't found anything on google, not even someone with the same question which makes me kind of afraid there is no solution.. Anyway, here I am and ask :) Any answers are kindly appreciated ^_^

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There is no upgrade path when changing architecture, so no, you will have to do a complete reinstall when switching from 32bit to 64bit, no matter what hardware you are on.

Edit: Thanks for the down vote, but the video below is not an upgrade, it is a new install.

Your data will be lost if you do not backup manually, all programs and drivers will need to be re-installed.To quote Microsofts official documentation:

If you want to move from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or vice versa, you'll need to back up your files and choose the Custom option during Windows 7 installation. Then, you'll need to restore your files and reinstall your programs.

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Thank you Jon :) –  Guntram Feb 12 '13 at 21:57

what about this? published just a week before that response above


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Rather than linking to an external website, it may be more helpful to summarize or have the details here. That way, people won't need to go through links, or in this case watch a whole video, to find the answer. It also makes this answer self-contained, and prevents it from becoming ineffective in case the link becomes invalid (e.g. the video gets taken down). –  Zhihao Nov 29 '13 at 23:59
This is not an upgrade path it is a re-install, all programs and user settings are lost. It even says so in the video description. And yeah, posting an external video link and no other info is not exactly best practice. –  Jon Carlstedt Dec 5 '13 at 14:46

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