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I am playing a small audio clip on click of each link in my navigation

HTML Code:

<audio tabindex="0" id="beep-one" controls preload="auto" >
    <source src="audio/Output 1-2.mp3">
    <source src="audio/Output 1-2.ogg">

JS code:

$('#links a').click(function(e) {
    var beepOne = $("#beep-one")[0];

It's working fine so far.

Issue is when a sound clip is already running and i click on any link nothing happens.

I tried to stop the already playing sound on click of link, but there is no direct event for that in HTML5's Audio API

I tried following code but it's not working

$.each($('audio'), function () {

Any suggestions please?

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instead of stop() you could try with:

sound.currentTime = 0;

this should have the desired effect

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I love you, saved more pain :) –  Michael Harper Feb 3 at 13:04
This is not working in Chrome. The audio element keeps loading audio, which is not what should happen. –  Pieter Nov 4 at 19:28

first you have to set an id for your audio element

in your js :

var ply = document.getElementById('player');

var oldSrc = ply.src;// just to remember the old source

ply.src = "";// to stop the player you have to replace the source with nothing

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Best solution for audio streaming –  Hossein Oct 15 at 21:03

As a side note and because I was recently using the stop method provided in the accepted answer, according to this link:


by setting currentTime manually one may fire the 'canplaythrough' event on the audio element. In the link it mentions Firefox, but I encountered this event firing after setting currentTime manually on Chrome. So if you have behavior attached to this event you might end up in an audio loop.

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