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This is procedure which is defined in C++ application (exe HOST).

typedef struct _ RX_DATA_OBJ {
   UINT32     TIME;        
   UINT32     ID;    
   UINT8      LEN; 
   UINT8      DATA[8]; 


I need to call as callback above function in my DLL file written in Delphi.

I made the following declaration in Delphi for my DLL:

  TRX_DATA_OBJ = record
    time: UINT32;
    id:   UINT32;
    len:  UINT8;
    data: array [0..7] of UINT8;

RX_DATA = procedure(count:UINT16; RX_DATA_OBJ: PRX_DATA_OBJ ) of object;


In another procedure I get the pointer to the RX_DATA procedure in HOST. Now I call this callback in my DLL

procedure PUT_DATA;
  RX_DATA_out.Time := 100;
  RX_DATA_out.id := $500;
  RX_DATA_out.len := 4;
  RX_DATA_out.data[0] := 1;
  RX_DATA_out.data[1] := 2;
  RX_DATA_out.data[2] := 3
  RX_DATA_out.data[3] := 4;
  RX_DATA_out.data[4] := 5;
  RX_DATA_out.data[5] := 6;
  RX_DATA_out.data[6] := 7;
  RX_DATA_out.data[7] := 8;

  RX_DATA(1, @RX_DATA_out); // RX_DATA_out is global variable defined.

Callback is called correct but data passed in RX_DATA_out variable are not correct, it looks that pointer to RX_DATA_out variable is not pointing on this variable.

Can anybody say what can be wrong ?

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The C++ function type is a plain function, i.e. not a member function. But you have declared your version to be a method of object. That is a mismatch. You must remove of object.

You must also specify the calling convention. Most likely it will be cdecl. In Delphi, if the calling convention is not specified, then the register based Delphi fastcall convention, register is used. That's certainly wrong.

Finally, if the pointer to the struct can never be nil then it is more idiomatic to use a var parameter:

RX_DATA = procedure(count:UINT16; var RX_DATA_OBJ: TRX_DATA_OBJ); cdecl;

And obviously you'd have to change the calling code to match:

RX_DATA(1, RX_DATA_out);
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When I use cdecl; it hangs-on c++ HOST application –  Jacek Feb 12 '13 at 15:09
when I put var as You suggest I cannot compile my code I have error in RX_DATA(1,@RX_DATA_out); –  Jacek Feb 12 '13 at 15:11
Of course you do. You naturally have to change the calling code too! Remove the @. As for calling convention, you need to find out what calling convention the C++ code expects. And use that in your Delphi code. –  David Heffernan Feb 12 '13 at 15:26
It still does not work, HOST is hang-on. It is only corect calling when is of object but then data are not correct :( –  Jacek Feb 12 '13 at 15:53
How did you find out what calling convention to use? –  David Heffernan Feb 12 '13 at 15:54

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