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Currently I'm hitting a wall with Ember Data loading some data which might exist or might not. If a record does not exist, the web application should create it.

Simple use case: documenting an inventory. If an article does not exist, a new article should be added. If it does exist, then the employee can immediately use the information.

I suspect the adapter find() method to be the source of this problem. It cannot handle a 404 not found error and passing an empty result does not work either.

Probably I am overlooking something trivial, as 'find or create' is quite a regular pattern. Please help...

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I'm stuck here too. I'm trying to do this inside a route, it seems that once findRecord fails I get stuck in .catch() with no way to create a record or return it. @peter , any ideas? – Matthew Nov 25 '15 at 7:48

See this issue, or here's the solution:

findOrCreate: (type, properties)->
  @store.find(type, null, (reason)=>
    if reason.status == 404
      record = @store.recordForId(type,
      throw reason
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see #296 Already a bug report for this

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Thanks, it appears this is one of the topics which need some more love. – user1998398 Feb 13 '13 at 9:02

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