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I have two entites with association. I create a dataGridView by drag and drop from objects Data Source and manually binding from to list. Everything works fine with one entity. Is there any possibility of create one dataGridView with two entities(Zamow and ZamSkany) by drag and drop + manually filling? I can do this by view (on SQL side) but in same cases I'd like to have other possibilities.

 pg = new PGEntities();
 BindingList<Zamow> myList;
 var query = (from zam in pg.Zamow where zam.Rok == 2012 select zam).Take(100);
 MyList = new BindingList<Zamow>(query.ToList());
 zamowBindingSource.DataSource = MyList;

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Yes, try to create Class, let say a ViewZamowAndSamSkany

public class ViewZamowAndSamSkany
    public string Data { get; set; }
    public string Proforma { get; set; }
    //and Others Properties

and now, rebuild your project and from the Objects Data Source add the ViewZamowAndSamSkany then drag-drop to your Form as a DataGridView and you can apply the linq-entites inner join

var query = (from zam in pg.Zamow 
             join skany in zam.NUMBER equals skany.NUMBER
             where zam.Rok == 2012 
             select new ViewZamowAndSamSkany
                 Data = zam.Data,
                 Proforma = zam.Proforma

MyList = new BindingList<ViewZamowAndSamSkany>(query.ToList());
zamowBindingSource.DataSource = MyList;
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Thanks a lot! It works like a charm. – mds Feb 13 '13 at 7:31
you're welcome :D – spajce Feb 13 '13 at 7:35

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