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I'm trying to implement the circle packing example: - but I want it to use nested "g" nodes so it's easier to style and control visibility of children of each circle - but in this example, all nodes are at the same depth in the dom. How do I nest them? Or, if not nesting, how do I select only the direct children of a circle (not all children of all circles). I've currently modified the example to add a class with the object's depth, like this:

d3.json("skills.json", function(error, root) {
  var node = svg.datum(root).selectAll(".node")
      .attr("class", function(d) { return "node node"+ d.depth; })

and now want to do this:

d3.selectAll(".node1").on("mouseover",function(){"active",true).//SELECT ALL CHILDREN OF THE HOVERED NODE HERE

Anyone have any ideas?

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Good question, ad I think you should be satisfied with the answer. –  VividD Jan 12 '14 at 0:54

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I could not come up with a way of nesting g elements after packing the data, so here is a not so elegant solution:

  function checkParent(d, w) {
      if(!d.parent) return false;

      if(d.parent == w) {
        return true;
      } else {
        return checkParent(d.parent, w);

          .filter(function(w){ return checkParent(w, d); })

          .filter(function(w){ return checkParent(w, d); })

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Thanks - what does the "w" variable represent? –  mheavers Feb 12 '13 at 19:43
"w" is the data node object; kinda same as "d" in the outer context but they needed to take different names. –  Cihat Keser Feb 12 '13 at 20:19
Love the solution! –  VividD Jan 12 '14 at 0:52

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