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It seems docs for mongodb-1.1.0GA are outdated when it comes to unit testing section: http://springsource.github.com/grails-data-mapping/mongo/manual/ref/Testing/DatastoreUnitTestMixin.html

Following code

class EmployeeTests extends GroovyTestCase {

    void setUp() {

    void tearDown() {

    void testSomething() {

        def s = new Employee(firstName: "first name", lastName: "last Name", occupation: "whatever")
        s['testField'] = "testValue"

        assert s.id != null

        s = Employee.get(s.id)

        assert s != null
        assert s.firstName == "first name"
        assert s['testField'] == "testValue"


fails with this error:

No such property: testField for class: Employee

Employee class is pretty straightforward:

class Employee {

    String firstName
    String lastName
    String occupation

    static constraints = {
        firstName blank: false, nullable: false
        lastName blank: false, nullable: false
        occupation blank: false, nullable: false

So, is unit testing of dynamic attributes possible? If it is, how?

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There's no out of the box support for dynamic attributes but it's fairly easy to add. I've put the following code in my setup method. It will add dynamic attributes to any domain classes you have enabled using @TestFor or @Mock.

for (domainClass in grailsApplication.domainClasses) {
    domainClass.metaClass.with {
        dynamicAttributes = [:]
        propertyMissing = { String name ->
        propertyMissing = { String name, value ->
            delegate.dynamicAttributes[name] = value
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