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I'm having trouble, I got this code:

DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo(dir);
FileInfo[] rgFiles = di.GetFiles();
DirectoryInfo[] d = di.GetDirectories();
if(rgFiles != null && d != null) {
foreach (FileInfo fi in rgFiles)
    foreach (DirectoryInfo dii in d)
        using (ZipFile zip = ZipFile.Read(locateZipFile()))

            zip.AddFile(fi.FullName, "");

            toolStripStatusLabel1.Text = "Inserting " + fi.Name;
            toolStripStatusLabel1.Text = "Inserting " + dii.Name + " and all of it's contents";

            MessageBox.Show("Inserted the file " + fi.Name);
            MessageBox.Show("Inserted the folder " + dii.Name + " and all contents in it.");


Everything works great, but when I'm trying to add a file that is named the same in the zip, it does not overwrite it, which i want it to.. Any ideas on how i can do that? thanks.

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Before the line

zip.AddFile(fi.FullName, "");

you must test if the name already exists in entries. If yes, remove it and then insert it again.

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Thanks it worked! but this does not work on directories? how would i do if it's a directory? – user1568364 Feb 12 '13 at 15:07
You can use the GetDirectoryName method: Path.GetDirectoryName(fi.FullName); (Don't forget to mark this as response! ;)) – Silvio Delgado Feb 13 '13 at 15:22

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