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I'm running my own SVN repository on Apache2/mod_dav

It worked fine until today.

I moved a Java class named AbstractRepository into a subdirectory, so now the file is "to be removed".

I tried to commit and I got the following error

svn: E160013: '/svnroot/repo/!svn/bc/8/src/main/java/path/to/dao/AbstractRepository.java' path not found: 404 Not Found (https://svn.host.org)

I tried to Update from Eclipse, or to Cleanup. Team Synchronization view still shows AbstractRepository.java with minus sign arrow. Nothing. Looks like that file doesn't exist for the server. But it does exist! I can view it from my browser!

I'm currently the only developer on this project (using SVN to track changes and retain history)

How can I fix the error?

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