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I've started to play with the Force.com Migration Tool. I want to use it from an ANT build file. I've created this one:

<project name="Subversion to Org" default="deploy" basedir="." xmlns:sf="antlib:com.salesforce">
    <target name="deploy">
        <echo message="deploying from metadata" />
        <echo message="ANT_HOME=${ant.home}"/>
        <echo message="BASEDIR=${basedir}"/>
        <echo message="ANT_CORE_LIB=${ant.core.lib}"/>
        <echo message="JAVA_VERSION=${ant.java.version}"/>
        <echo message="ANT_LIBRARY_DIR=${ant.library.dir}"/>
        <echo message="classpath=${java.class.path}"/>
        <sf:deploy username="${properties.username}"
                        runAllTests="${properties.allTest}" />

I've copied the ant-salesforce.jar in ant.lib folder. When I execute this file throught ANT I get this:

     Buildfile: build.xml

     [echo] deploying from metadata
     [echo] ANT_HOME=/usr/share/ant
     [echo] BASEDIR=/usr/share/tomcat6/.jenkins/jobs/Salesforce Deploy Test/workspace/deploy script
     [echo] ANT_CORE_LIB=/usr/share/java/ant-1.7.1.jar
     [echo] JAVA_VERSION=1.6
     [echo] ANT_LIBRARY_DIR=/usr/share/ant/lib
     [echo] classpath=/usr/share/java/ant.jar:/usr/share/java/ant-launcher.jar:/usr/share/java/jaxp_parser_impl.jar:/usr/share/java/xml-commons-apis.jar:/usr/lib/jvm/java/lib/tools.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-launcher.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-salesforce.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-bootstrap.jar

/usr/share/tomcat6/.jenkins/jobs/Salesforce Deploy Test/workspace/deploy script/build.xml:16: Problem: failed to create task or type antlib:com.salesforce:deploy
Cause: The name is undefined.
Action: Check the spelling.
Action: Check that any custom tasks/types have been declared.
Action: Check that any <presetdef>/<macrodef> declarations have taken place.
No types or tasks have been defined in this namespace yet

This appears to be an antlib declaration.
Action: Check that the implementing library exists in one of:
        -a directory added on the command line with the -lib argument

Total time: 0 seconds

It seems that ant-salesforce.jar file it isn't found, but it appears listed in the output. Any ideas?

More info:

Permissions check

ls -al /usr/share/ant/lib
total 3412
drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root    4096 feb 12 15:36 .
drwxr-xr-x. 4 root root    4096 feb 12 09:49 ..
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      28 feb 12 09:49 ant-bootstrap.jar -> ../../java/ant-bootstrap.jar
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      18 feb 12 09:49 ant.jar -> ../../java/ant.jar
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root      27 feb 12 09:49 ant-launcher.jar -> ../../java/ant-launcher.jar
-rwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 3483648 feb 12 12:58 ant-salesforce.jar

Jar contents check:


antlib File contents (as expected):

    <typedef name="compileAndTest" classname="com.salesforce.ant.CompileAndTest"/>
    <typedef name="deploy" classname="com.salesforce.ant.DeployTask"/>
    <typedef name="retrieve" classname="com.salesforce.ant.RetrieveTask"/>
    <typedef name="bulkRetrieve" classname="com.salesforce.ant.BulkRetrieveTask"/>
    <typedef name="listMetadata" classname="com.salesforce.ant.ListMetadataTask"/>
    <typedef name="describeMetadata" classname="com.salesforce.ant.DescribeMetadataTask"/>

Thanks in advance.

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Sure it's the right jar? I know stupid question, but one never knows :-) – Mark O'Connor Feb 12 '13 at 22:25
Not a stupid question. But I've double checked this too. Thanks anyway – r0dx1 Feb 13 '13 at 8:32

Your syntax for sf:deploy is good. Matches mine.

Check your project definition. Are you setting the namespace of xmlns:sf to the right value?

Should be:

<project name="salesforce" default="deploy" basedir="." xmlns:sf="antlib:com.salesforce">

You could also check the permissions of ant-salesforce.jar.

And then check that the jar is not corrupted

jar -tf ant-salesforce.jar

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Thanks for your help. I've checked your the namespace settings and I have the same as you. The jar permissions are now 777 but the problem persists. I've also checked the jar contents and the antlib file but all seems to be ok. I've updated the questions with this information. – r0dx1 Feb 13 '13 at 8:30
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Resolved: I've reinstalled ant and now all seems to work OK. Weird thing.

Thanks for your support guys

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I got the same issue, fixed it by changing the permission to the ant-salesforce.jar lib.

for the ones getting this issue it's worth checking if it isn't a permission issue on the lib.

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