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Under Windows XP, is it possible to execute a 3rd party application, so its main window will be a child/popup window of my VC++ MFC application?

  • I want to control it's Z-Order like any other window in my app
  • I don't want it be be visible in the taskbar
  • I want to catch its WM_CLOSE and handle it in my app

In general, I want my users to feel that this is just another dialog in my application.

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Here is an example on hosting other applications in your application:
Hosting .exe applications into a dialog

Also you may want to check out hooks and specifically the WH_CALLWNDPROC if you want to monitor all messages.

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Not sure about z-ordering and taskbar visibility, but you could go for CreateProcess. I believe it would be prerfectly get the parent window's parameters and create a window as a child

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