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I am trying to add optional parameters to the where clause of my query. Each have been tested and work individually but how can I incorporate them into the query so it doesn't matter which one is filled by the user, the report will still run.

The parameters are:

 $P!{qparam_TickerValue} , $P!{qparam_CusipValue}, $P!{qparam_DescValue};

This is what their Default Value Expression looks like (TickerValue):

$P{qparam_Ticker}=="" ? "" : "and p.Ticker='"+$P{qparam_Ticker}+ "'"

This is the query block I am trying to complete.

    where f.ParentID=$P{qparam_PlanParent}
    and cpp.PeriodBeginDate>=$P{qparam_BeginDateString}
    and cpp.PeriodEndDate<=$P{qparam_EndDateString}
    $P!{qparam_TickerValue} ;


With help from a Java expert, we came up with this.

(($P{qparam_Ticker}==null) || $P{qparam_Ticker}.isEmpty())
? (
(($P{qparam_Cusip}==null) || $P{qparam_Cusip}.isEmpty())
? (
(($P{qparam_Desc}==null) || $P{qparam_Desc}.isEmpty())
? ""
: " and p.Description='" + $P{qparam_Desc} + "'"
: " and cpp.SecurityId='" + $P{qparam_Cusip} + "'"
: " and p.Ticker='" + $P{qparam_Ticker} + "'"

Checks to see what conditions are being filled and then assigns the appropriate statement to the query block.

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are you facing any issue ? Your query block should work fine. –  Gopinagh.R Feb 12 '13 at 17:35
The report will not run with more than one of the parameters in the query block. I have only managed to get it working with one parameter. The goal is to handle all three. –  nEWbie Feb 12 '13 at 17:52

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