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I want to see a hits on pages on my website, and to get a look at complete hits, I can't look at individual pages separately. However, I can only search for AND functions. The AND makes it so that both are required.

Is there a mechanism for an OR function in Google Analytics, so that I can have either requirements? enter image description here

This is from Content > Site Content > All Pages Then I do advanced query

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perhaps it would help if you better explain how to reach the point where you are at...because at face value that looks like a custom segment and you can use OR operations in them: enter image description here

edited to add: At the top of the report just under the report title (it should be a big bold Pages header for your report), click on the Advanced Segments button. You will see a screen with default segments on the left, and custom segments on the right. Just under and to the right of the custom segment text area is a +New Custom Segment button. Click that button and it will bring up the menu shown in my screenshot above.

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@Caryon I just added it above, but I go to Content > Site Content > All Pages; Then I do advanced query to get to my image. What steps are for your image? –  SnowboardBruin Feb 12 '13 at 21:50
@SnowboardBruin Edited my answer to include steps to get to my image! –  Crayon Violent Feb 12 '13 at 22:10
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