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I have a problem with SVN.

I try to commit my project with : svn commit -m "test test"

And i have this error message (in french sorry) :

svn: Ãchec de la propagation (commit), détails :
svn: '/var/www/racine/comos/com-include/Smarty/libs/templates_c/30c727fea15771e5c1efb79369eca746c90f3b3a.string.php' doit être ajouté, mais est absent

He says the file /var/www/racine/comos/com-include/Smarty/libs/templates_c/30c727fea15771e5c1efb79369eca746c90f3b3a.string.php should be add, but is absent.

I don't understand. This file not exist in my project and not exist in my repository...

Do you have any ideas ? Thanks !

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Just in case, have you tried doing an svn cleanup first on your directory? –  SolarBear Feb 12 '13 at 15:29
Hum, sorry, i have find something : svn revert --recursive /var/www/racine/comos/com-include/Smarty/libs/templates_c.. and it's ok ! –  Clément Andraud Feb 12 '13 at 15:31

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