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I have an iOS App that uses Unity3D. When I pause Unity to show only Quartz-related content, the performance is usually fine.

But on a current project, scrollviews and table views sometimes perform very bad. They stop scrolling too early, and the scrollview stops even between multiples of the size predefined by the paging.

I tried to take a look with Instruments, and found FPS is usually ~50-60, but sometimes less. However this does not answer my question.

Btw, the table and the scroller have only a few data, and there is no reloading issue.

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Okay, now I found some very helpful information at the Unity Forum. Using


prevents the described issue. The Unity-iOS project now uses THREAD_BASED_LOOP instead of the CADisplayLink class. Maybe I will further play around with CADisplayLink and lower target frame rates.

Some interesting information about the used Rendering Loop Type can be found in the Unity Manual.

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