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I've installed Node.js on my Windows 7 x64 development machine, the manual way:

mkdir C:\Devel\nodejs
cd C:\Devel\nodejs
setx /M NODE_PATH "%NODE_PATH%\node_modules"

I've placed the main node x64 binary along with npm package manager in C:\Devel\nodejs. Works like a charm and I can update the main binary without dealing with the installer.

The only problem I can't solve is moving the cache folder. When I install a local package:

npm install express

... cache is placed under %APP_DATA%\npm-cache folder. I'd like to change it to:


How can I change the npm cache folder, or disable it completely?

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You can change npm cache folder using the npm command line. (see : https://npmjs.org/doc/config.html and more specifically https://www.npmjs.org/doc/misc/npm-config.html)

So you might want to try this command :

> npm config set cache C:\Devel\nodejs\npm-cache --global 
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Also note that if you're going to go down the npmrc route, the global npmrc file isn't located directly at $PREFIX, but rather in $PREFIX\etc –  Henry C Dec 22 '14 at 12:45
When doing this on Windows 7 using Cygwin I had to add a forward slash in front of every backslash to avoid the backslashes being removed. –  TJ. Mar 27 at 9:34

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