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I have a link which is positioned relative with very high z-index, however tapping on the link in android and ios browsers make the element which is below the link get tapped , clicked.

Here's the style,

li a {
background: linear-gradient(to right, #A5A5A5 0%, #EDEDED 50%, #A5A5A5 100%) repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
color: #254FAA !important;
display: block;
height: 40px;
position: relative;
z-index: 9999;


what could be wrong here, note that click using a mouse in desktop works just fine

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do you have any html? –  Eric Lemos Feb 12 '13 at 15:56
hi, yes here, jsfiddle.net/9D3vy/1 –  nagi br Feb 12 '13 at 17:16

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