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I have started building a cube and came across a problem. I got one fact table containing the following columns

TermDate   CandidateKey    PaperKey       marks                CumulativeNoOfCandidates 

20100601   1                1              70                           

20100601   2                1              70                           

20100601   3                1              69                           

20100601   4                1              68                           

Now I need to calculate Cumulative Number Of Candidates as a calculated column against each row. For example given the mark 68 how many candidates scored 68 or higher? for example the row numer 4 should return 4 candidates (there are 4 candidates who got 68 or more marks against paperkey=1 and TermDate=20100601 ).

Can some body help me to build the calculated column please. I know in sql, we do some thing like this:

TermDate, PaperKey, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM MarkStats WHERE Marks >= m.Marks)CumlativeNoOfCandidates
MarkCands m


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Do you mean as a calculated column in the DSV, so it's a native measure in the cube? If so, what's wrong with the TSQL you have? Or are you asking for a calculated measure that you'd use in an MDX query? – Meff Feb 13 '13 at 12:55
Sorry for the confusion Meff, Yes i am looking for calculated measure. Cheers – user2065322 Feb 13 '13 at 16:53

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