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I want to extend an application to communicate with the sony smartwatch under usage of the control API. I am new at developing extensions for the sony smartwatch and I did not understand what the AHA is and where it is located??? What do I have to implement on my own? Do I need to implement AEA and AHA?

In my opinion the AHA is the application that should be extended to communicated/work with the smartwatch (if it is available).

What do I need to get my application working with the sony smartwatch (SDK and LiveWareManager already running)???

EDIT: What do I have to modify/add on my plain old android application in order to work with an extension or get an extension started??? I already installed one of the samples from the sdk on my android phone and now want to talk to it?!? ;-)

Thanks in advance for your help!!! ;-)

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I realized it with a simple broadcast receiver ... the main application sends itents to the AEA which is responsible for the smartwatch! –  edererm Feb 13 '13 at 16:37

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The AHA is specific to a particular Smart accessory model and should be supplied by the accessory maker (Sony). You as a 3rd party developer can use the SmartExtensions API (which communicated with the AHA) and the Android APIs to create AEAs.

You can find some samples and a short tutorial in the Code_examples folder in the SmartExtensions SDK.

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Thanks!!! ;-) That helped .... –  edererm Feb 12 '13 at 16:48

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