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What is the best solution for calling an API that has an IP whitelist from a cloud platform like AWS Elastic Beanstalk that by it's nature has no fixed IP address?

I've come across this problem a lot recently as more and more applications I manage are being built for cloud hosting platforms. So far the only real option I've come across is creating a file on a static IP hosted server that acts as a proxy to the API requests.

Are there any better solutions out there?

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An example -> Thats the job of the elastic load balancer. Every environment of the AWS elastic beanstalk service has it's own URL. This URL is indipendent - also from any instance running inside your environment. Only the load balancer knows which instance is running, is available and which one he has to call for an request.

So if you want to make your API available, use an own load balancer which routes your request to a dynamic running instance (with a dynamic ip). There are many different load balancers out there. Apache Tomcat has an own howto for a load balancer, so if you're using an apache tomcat for your API, maybe this is the right way :) .

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This answer is either completely unrelated to the question posed, or is so badly written that I have no idea how it relates to the question. – stepanian Apr 8 '13 at 4:03
Question -> calling an API/software/... with a dynamic IP/instance | Answer -> Load Balancer. I also gave an example. – Eich Apr 8 '13 at 8:17

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