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My flash app has the following code. The sound is played when locally testing but it's not played when published on iOS.

The mp3 file is inside components/sound directory and the directory is included via Air iOS3.6 publish setting in Adobe Flash cs6 professional.

I did some testing and while the mp3 file and the directory exists(tested with File.exists) in iOS, sound.bytesLoaded shows 0 value. When testing locally, it shows actual file size.

Can anyone help me with this?

var path= File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("components/sound/click.mp3").nativePath;
var sound = new Sound(new URLRequest(path));


It worked when I simply replaced new URLRequest(path) to new URLRequest("components/sound/click.mp3").

However, I would still appreciate if someone could explain why the former one(nativePath) didn't work.

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Reading this thread on Adobe Community forums about loading external sounds on iOS, your code seems OK, the only suspicious thing I see is that you should begin the file path with "/", like:

var path= File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("/components/sound/click.mp3").nativePath;

Hope this helps!

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