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I want to migrate the data from Oracle 10g database to Postgres db. Oracle SQL developer has data migration option but it seems its only for migrating non oracle db to oracle. Please let me know other options.

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There's a dedicated tool for that written in Perl: Ora2Pg.

Most databases provide tools for importing from other databases but not exporting to other databases.

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Thank you Tometxky but the perl scripting requires too much of configuration and there are many instances where the thing wont work. Can you suggest some other alternative or tool may be. Thanks in advance – Tushar Sagar Feb 13 '13 at 12:24
If Ora2Pg is too complicated for you then you should hire some consulting firm, which'll help you with migration. For most of Postgres specialists it is good enough so I don't think there's a simpler (GUI?) tool. Even if a database is on Windows server I'd use a Linux computer to perform migration, as it's much easier to run perl scripts and install required perl modules in Linux. – Tometzky Feb 13 '13 at 20:00
  • expand the tables section,
  • then select tables you want to export
  • right click, select export,
  • then select format and export (preferably insert statements or csv)
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