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I am new in C, and i wrote the following code

#include <stdlib.h>

typedef struct
    int name1;
typedef struct
    int name2;

int main()
    check1 *test1;
    check2 *test2;
    return 0;

When I am executing it, it is giving me an error:

$ gcc test1.c
$ ./a.out
Memory fault

In gdb:-

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000000000040045e in main ()

What could be the reason???


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You have declared two pointers, but you haven't allocated any memory for them to point to. The pointers are pointing to invalid memory.

Try this:

check1 *test1 = malloc(sizeof(*test1));
if (test1 == NULL)
    // report failure

check2 *test2 = malloc(sizeof(*test2));
if (test2 == NULL)
    // report failure
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You can also declare variables on the stack and assign their addresses to pointers.

check checka;
check* pcheck = &checka;
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