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I am attempting to use the ILaunchManager#getLaunchConfigurations method from the Eclipse org.eclipse.debug.core package, but the compiler is giving me the message:

The method getLaunchConfigurations() from the type ILaunchManager refers to the missing type CoreException

I can see that getLaunchConfigurations() throws the CoreException exception, but I just cannot find the jar that contains the CoreException class! Does anyone know which jar I need to use to resolve this problem?

The code that I'm using is:

ILaunchManager launchManager = DebugPlugin.getDefault().getLaunchManager();
for (ILaunchConfiguration launchConfiguration : launchManager.getLaunchConfigurations()) {
  String configName = launchConfiguration.getName();

I've included the following jars in the build path:

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Some useful sites when you're facing such an issue are: http://findjar.com and http://grepcode.com

The following page has the search results: http://grepcode.com/search?query=org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException&n=

You'll need org.eclipse.equinox.common.VERSION.jar

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Thanks Simon! I had tried findjar.com, but not grepcode.com. –  Andy King Feb 12 '13 at 18:02

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