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I have an html page that has a link to an external javascript file namely external.js as follows

<script type =" text/javascript" src="external.js"></script>

The page includes an <asp:HiddenField> defined as Hidden1.

In my external .js file there is a function passData() which basically populates Hidden1 with some values. The way I do it is as follows.


<script> passData("<%=Hidden1.ClientID%>") </script> then in external.js:

function passData(hiddenFieldID)
document.getElementByID(hiddenFieldID).Value = "Value";

What I have been trying for some while now is to get the value of Hidden1 from my code behind in vb.net by using:

Dim str = Hidden1.value

However, with no luck. I have noticed that I should perform some sort of postback so that the value can be taken. However, what I am thinking of is that how on my html page the value of Hidden1 is showing when I use alert and at the same time I am not able to retrieve it on page_load in my .aspx unless I perform a postback. In my application I am really eager to get it working without having the need to add a button to initialize postbacks. I need to get Hidden1 value in my .aspx code-behind page in order to store it in a database. Any suggestions or ideas ?

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The page_load event in the codebehind executes first - before the javascript executes. So if you reference your hidden variable in the page_load, it will not yet be set and will be blank or null. After the page is loaded and your javascript has ran and set your variable, there must be some event to trigger a postback or ajax if you want to execute server side code (codebehind) again. You should probably just convert your javascript calculations to VB and do your calculation for your hidden variable in the codebehind instead of in javascript if it isn't too complicated. –  dave823 Feb 12 '13 at 18:45
If i went for the Ajax option, would something like a Timer be a good idea ? –  HShbib Feb 13 '13 at 10:05

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